Pentaho BI platfom is a popular business intelligence analytics product, which contains a web based BI application server with a plugin architecture.

Pivot4J provides a plugin for the Pentaho BI server by extending the sample application which can be used as a fully functional analytics application on its own.


More screenshots of the application below. Click each image to enlarge it.

How to Test the Plugin

  1. Download and install the Pentaho BI server(CE) from here.

  2. Download the Pivot4J plugin and extract all of the contents in the ‘pentaho-solutions/system’ folder under the Pentaho BI server installation directory.

  3. Run the Pentaho BI server. And launch the web interface by opening *http://localhost:8080* from the browser.

  4. Select ‘File > New > Pivot4J View’ from the menu to create a new report, or if you already have reports made with the legacy JPivot plugin, you can convert them by selecting ‘Pivot4J View (from JPivot Reports)’ menu.

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Last Published: 2017-10-15 07:14:01.

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