Release History

Version Date Description
0.9 2014-05-25 Pivot4J 0.9 release
0.8 2013-08-31 Pivot4J 0.8 release
0.7 2013-04-14 Pivot4J 0.7 release
0.6 2013-02-02 Pivot4J 0.6 release
0.0.5 2012-11-18 Pivot4J 0.0.5 release
0.0.4 2012-10-28 Pivot4J 0.0.4 release
0.0.3 2012-10-20 Pivot4J 0.0.3 release
0.0.2 2012-10-08 Pivot4J 0.0.2 release
0.0.1 2012-09-28 The first public release

Release 0.9 - 2014-05-25

Type Changes By
Integrate Pivot4J as a component to a CDE Dashboard in Pentaho. Fixes 141. mysticfall
Add option to display filter selection on report. Fixes 136. mysticfall
Support for bookmarkable URL for reports. Fixes 117. mysticfall
Add charting support. Fixes 111. mysticfall
Support Mondrian's cell writeback feature. Fixes 108. mysticfall
Update to JSF 2.2 and PrimeFaces 4.0. mysticfall
Selecting a member in filter dialog should not also select its children. Fixes 144. mysticfall
Chart does not resize with window browser resize. Fixes 131. mysticfall
Support for Glassfish depoyment. Fixes 128. mysticfall
Allow users to edit MDX even when it contains invalid names. Fixes 119. mysticfall
Ragged hierarchy with 'show parent' option fails to render correctly. Fixes 150. mysticfall
Swap axes does not work properly with sorting. Fixes 148. mysticfall
Support for non-numeric measure values. Fixes 147. mysticfall
Catalog chooser shows hidden cubes. Fixes 143. mysticfall
Collapsed MDX pane cannot be expanded in Pentaho plugin. Fixes 138. mysticfall
Pentaho plugin ignores user's roles. Fixes 137. mysticfall
Drillthrough not working for ragged cubes. Fixes 127. mysticfall
NPE with Pentaho 5.0 EE. Fixes 109. mysticfall
NPE on closing filter dialog by clicking outside the window. Fixes 62. mysticfall
Report file export does not work with the Pentaho plugin. Fixes 58. mysticfall

Release 0.8 - 2013-08-31

Type Changes By
Basic report content management feature has been implemented. Fixes 59. mysticfall
Conditional formatting support has been implemented. Fixes 67. mysticfall
Data source and appearance settings can be configured by users. Fixes 63. mysticfall
PDF and Excel export now contains filter information. Fixes 53. mysticfall
Implement legacy JPivot report import feature in Pentaho plugin. Fixes 102. mysticfall
Block UI while Ajax request is being processed. Fixes 101. mysticfall
Make drag & drop operation on axis configuration view more consistent and responsive. Fixes 100. mysticfall
Change show parent to include all the ancestor members. Fixes 91. mysticfall
New Arquillian based integration tests for the UI project. Fixes 98. mysticfall
Fixed problems with ragged hierarchies. Fixes 76. mysticfall
Fixed problems with parent-child hierarchies. Fixes 77. mysticfall
Support Mondrian/XMLA backend. Fixes 79. mysticfall
Allow the ROW axis to appear before the COLUMN axis in a MDX query. Fixes 94. mysticfall
Fixed a problem with drag & drop reordering in the axis tree node. Fixes 83. mysticfall
Fixed level / measure selection problem when one of the axis is empty. Fixes 93. mysticfall
Fixed rendering problem with drill member/replace process when the show parent option is enabled. Fixes 81. mysticfall
Fixed a bug in the filter dialog which made it impossible to uncheck selected members. Fixes 78. mysticfall
Fixed occasional view expiration errors. Fixes 74. mysticfall
Fixed hierarchy aggregator to correctly handle calculated values. Fixes 72. mysticfall
Fixed a bug in count aggregator which wrongly includes other aggregated values. Fixes 71. mysticfall
Preserve hierarchy order in axis when an all member is removed. Fixes 73. mysticfall
Fixed a MDX parsing problem with ".Properties()". Fixes 86. mysticfall

Release 0.7 - 2013-04-14

Type Changes By
Unable to parse MDX with member names containing ']]' escape. Fixes 34. mysticfall
Expression language support in MDX query. Fixes 37. mysticfall
Custom / long term serialization support for StateHolder API. Fixes 42. mysticfall
Implement visual total feature(based on render strategy API). Fixes 44. mysticfall
Use unique name instead of object itself when comparing between metadata elements. Fixes 46. mysticfall
Missing member aggregation at the last position of the hierarchy. Fixes 49. mysticfall
Allow multiple aggregators per position. Fixes 50. mysticfall
[UI/Plugin] Add internalization/localisation support. mysticfall
[UI/Plugin] Brazilian Portuguese translation by IT4Biz and Professor Coruja Team. it4biz
[UI/Plugin] Add basic Selenium integration test cases. mysticfall

Release 0.6 - 2013-02-02

Type Changes By
Implemented PDF export feature. Fixes 26. mysticfall
Implemented Microsoft Excel export feature. Fixes 25. mysticfall
Upgrade to Olap4J 1.1.0. Fixes 40. mysticfall
New public MDX parser API. Fixes 38. mysticfall
New convenient API for manipulating order of members in a hierarchy. Fixes 33. mysticfall
Improved slicer axis manipulation. Fixes 35. mysticfall

Release 0.0.5 - 2012-11-18

Type Changes By
Basic member properties support. Fixes 5. mysticfall
Fixed a bug causing incorrect behavior in PlaceMembersOnAxes transform when axes are swapped. Fixes 32. mysticfall
Level members are now added to their respective parent hierarchies. Fixes 31. mysticfall
Fixed a bug causing incorrect level order in PlaceLevelsOnAxes.findVisibleLevels method. Fixes 30. mysticfall
Built-in drill down and sorting support in PivotRenderer(command API). mysticfall

Release 0.0.4 - 2012-10-28

Type Changes By
Major refactoring on the UI related API. Replaced the TableBuilder interface with a callback style PivotRenderer interface for flexibility. Fixes 24. mysticfall

Release 0.0.3 - 2012-10-20

Type Changes By
Fixed a bug which made config parameters to be ignored in PooledOlapDataSource class. Fixes 13. mysticfall
Remove JDBC 4.0 API dependency to make it compile on Java 6. Fixes 14. mysticfall
Improved query transform API with more convenient methods. Fixes 15. mysticfall
Model state serialization code has been rewritten to fix a problem with PivotModel.restoreState(). Fixes 18. mysticfall
Provide an easier way to implement sort headers. Fixes 21. mysticfall
Made TableBuilder API to generate missing level headers on row axis. Fixes 22. mysticfall
Fixed a bug in TableBuilder which generates incorrect table layout for non-contiguous level members. Fixes 23. mysticfall

Release 0.0.2 - 2012-10-08

Type Changes By
Added the table builder API to facilliate UI implementation process. Fixes 6. mysticfall
Fixed the sorting problem. Fixes 9. mysticfall
Support for placing members on a non exisiting hierarchy. mysticfall
Improve handling of an empty query axis. mysticfall

Release 0.0.1 - 2012-09-28

Type Changes By
Finished migration of major JPivot extensions as Transform API. Fixes 2. mysticfall
Added various data source implementations including PooledOlapDataSource. Fixes 4. mysticfall

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