Pivot4J provides a common Java API for OLAP servers which can be used to build an analytical service frontend with pivot style GUI. It aims to leverage mature but now discontinued JPivot project’s codebase to make it a general purpose OLAP API library which is independent of any particular GUI implementation.

Pivot4J also provides a fully functional OLAP analytics application built on top of its core library, along with a plugin for Pentaho BI platform which can be installed directly from the marketplace.

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  • Supports most of the original JPivot’s features, like drill down, drill through, sort, and more.

  • Supports any OLAP backend for which an Olap4J driver implementation is available.

  • Mavenized project structure with flexible and easy to use API.

  • Clean separation of UI and backend, which enables you to build your own OLAP client with UI toolkit of your choice.

  • Non-MDX based aggregation(a.k.a. ‘visual total’).

  • Powerful formatting support based on MDX independent expression language.

Pivot4J 0.9 is released (May 25, 2014)

After 9 months of development, Pivot4J 0.9 is released with many new features and bug fixes. Some of the highlights of the new release include :

  • Charting support with customizable axis mapping feature (click here for a demo).

  • Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Russian, Spanish translations, thanks to the Pentaho Community translation team.

  • Embeddable URL support and basic Pentaho CDE integration.

  • Many important bug fixes for enhanced security and stability.

For full list of changes, please see the changelog here.

What’s coming up next?

As the next milestone would be our first stable release, we intend to take this opportunity to spend sometime to make it more easy and robust to use for both end users and developers.

  • Improved documentation, including code examples for major features.

  • Core API enhancements and refactorings to make it more flexible and extendable.

  • Remove remaining JPivot’s legacy codebase.

  • Parser implementation improve MDX support on par with Mondrian and Olap4J.

  • Code clean up for Pivot4J Analytics application to serve as a reference implementation for JSF.


If you have any question or suggestion for the project, please leave your message at the support forum.

And we also have an IRC channel at the Freenode network, #pivot4j.

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